"Building Relationships,
  Changing Lives"

Welcome to CU 1-to-1, Champaign/Urbana's school based mentoring program!  Our mission is to positively impact the lives of select Champaign-Urbana studenst by pairing them with adult mentors to provide support, encouragment, and guidance.  Here you will find information about our program, events, how we are effecting positive change in the lives of our communities' children and how YOU can become a mentor and join the ranks of our amazing mentoring community! (Click the mentor button to the right.)





Sending a note to your mentee?

Would you like to send a note to your mentee?  If you have not been contacted by your coordinator, and would like your mentee's address,  please contact Lauren Smith (smithla@u4sd.org) in  Champaign and Tom Howley (thowley@usd116.org) in Urbana.

Letter-writing tips
Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope and paper.  Explain how to mail a letter.  (If the postman doesn't pick up mail at your mentee's address, give them the address of the nearest public mailbox and have them ask their guardian if they can walk there.   To locate their nearest mailbox, go to mailboxlocate.com and click on one of the 38 boxes.  It will give you the address of the box.

 Ask one or two interesting questions that they can answer.
   What is one new thing you learned since I saw you last?
   Whom did you get to know better this week?  (Hopefully a family member!)
   Identify three decisions or choices you made this week.
   What did you learn about yourself this week?
   Who is someone you admire?  Why do you admire them? What makes this person special to            you?  What characteristics of this person would you like to have?
   Describe your best friend and why they are your best friend.
   Describe your favorite relative
   Who do you think has it easier, boys or girls?  Why?


Share positive messages
   You made me laugh, smile the last time we were together when you......
   I enjoy meeting with you because (list several of their positive traits)
   When we meet again I am looking forward to......... (don't promise anything you can't do.)
   Your smile, positive attitude, laugh is bringing happiness to those around you.


For younger children consider sharing a word search or simple activity they could do at home with a minimum of material.  (Remember not all mentees have internet access.)

Remember that even if you do send a self-addressed envelope with paper, you may not get a reply.  We have no way to know what everyone's home situation is like, however,  even if they can't write back, know they will enjoy receiving a note from you.


If you are unable to write, don't stress.   Some of you  have jobs that are requiring many hours of overtime, while others are caring for children or elderly relatives, and some of you may be ill.  It is always most important to take care of yourself.

 Banquet Dates

Elementary PIzza Party

Tuesday, May 12, 5:30 - 7:00, First Christian Church

6th and 7th grade Banquet
Tuesday, April 28, 6:00 - 7:30, Urbana High School

8th and High School Scholarship Banquet
Wednesday, May 6, 6:00 - 7:30, Hilton Garden Inn

Invitations will be mailed to mentors at the beginning of April

All are Cancelled

April 2020 

Each month we will be highlighting a mentor in the Champaign/Urbana school district.  These are the faces of community members who are giving a hour of their time per week to meet, have fun, and make a positive impact on the lives of our children.  We are so grateful for each of them and all they do---join the ranks of some awesome people who dare to "be the change". 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Ghandi




Name: Lana Freidman

Mentor at: Central

Grade of Mentee: 10

Why is she mentor of the month?
Central Mentor Coordinator Suzanne Loechl nominated Lana because "she embodies many exceptional qualities of mentoring including creativity, playfulness, good humor,  kindness and her genuine love of being with her mentee.  Not only does she have a kind heart and big smile, she's a nurse in these times, in the midst of all of this.  Thank you, Lana.

How long have you been mentoring?  3.5 years

What inspired you to mentor? 
What inspired me to be a mentor was that I wanted to do something to give back to the community, and I had thought about mentoring for a number of years.  I feel that these kids are our future.  We must invest in them, value them, affirm them, and encourage them.

What is your favorite aspect of mentoring?
My favorite aspect of mentoring is how I have seen the relationship I have with my mentee evolve over the years, and that we are more open with each other.

Why do you think others should mentor? 
I think others should mentor because it requires one to push oneself out of a comfort zone into the totally different experience of a young person by challenging us to step beyond ourselves into their world.  Mentoring is about being there for these kids and having fun with them no matter what their backgrounds.  It is amazing for me to think that THEY are looking for us!  That is as awesome as it is humbling.  And it is a privilege to be invited into their lives even for a little bit and having them teach me "what it's all about".  As I said before, they are our future.  We have a duty to invest in those young lives to carry on for all  of us.


Fall 2020 mentor training dates:
Tuesday, Sept. 22, 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Urbana Middle School
Thursday, Oct. 8, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Champaign Mellon Bldg.
Wednesday,  Oct. 14, 11:30 - 1:30 Champaign Mellon Bldg.

If you are interested in mentoring contact:

Lauren Smith in Champaign

Tom Howley in Urbana



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Make a Difference 
   Donate to the Scholarhsip Fund

Why not consider donating money to the Mentoring Scholarship Foundation in honor or memory of someone?  Watch the video below to see what a difference it can make to mentees attending college.  Contact Lauren Smith smithla@u4sd.org for more information.

No mentoring until May 4 at the earliest