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Welcome to CU 1-to-1, Champaign/Urbana's school based mentoring program!  Our mission is to positively impact the lives of select Champaign-Urbana students by pairing them with adult mentors to provide support, encouragment, and guidance.  Here you will find information about our program, events, how we are effecting positive change in the lives of our communities' children and how YOU can become a mentor and join the ranks of our amazing mentoring community! (Click the mentor button to the right.)




Mentoring via ZOOM!

Some mentors and mentees have been able to meet via Zoom during COVID.   Mentors and Mentees have introduced each other to their pets, other family members, and some have even enjoyed playing the piano together via Zoom!  Although we haven't reached every mentee's family, if you would like to set up a Zoom with your mentee                                          and haven't contacted your                                                   haven't  contacted your school
                                       coordinator yet, make sure to 
                                       let them know you would like to try
                                       meetng your mentee via Zoom!  
                                       Mentor/Mentee Zoom meetings
                                       are the bright spot of coordinators

November 2020 

Each month we will be highlighting a mentor in the Champaign/Urbana school district.  These are the faces of community members who are giving a hour of their time per week to meet, have fun, and make a positive impact on the lives of our children.  We are so grateful for each of them and all they do---join the ranks of some awesome people who dare to "be the change". 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Ghandi




Name: Mona Ghadiri

Mentor at: Centennial High School

Grade of Mentee: 10

Why is she mentor of the month?
Centennial coordinator Sara Easter says, "Mona and her mentee have been together for a long time.  When Rilynn moved out of the school district for middle school, they couldn't be an official part of the One to One program, but they stayed connected.  Mona moved out of state while Rilynn was in middle school, but when Rilynn came back to Unit 4 for high school, I reconnected them as a long distance pair.  Mona was flexible, patient and dedicated to gettng the video chat mentoring sessions set up.  She and Rilynn got to "see" each other every other week at Centennial and the relationship has been amazing.  When the lockdown hit and I reached out to mentors to see who was still in touch, Mona immediately responded that the two of them hadn't missed a beat!  They set their chat on their calendars and are faithful.  Mona has gone above and beyond to stay connected with Rilynn."

How long have you been mentoring?  7 years 

What inspired you to mentor? 
I heard the pitch and loved the idea that I could give back at the same elementary school I went to and it wasn't a huge time commitment.

What is your favorite aspect of mentoring?
Listening to my mentee talk about anything, really.  She is smart and funny and now that we've been paired since 3rd grade, she trusts me -- there is no feeling more important or worth protecting.  Now that she's older, we talk about current events and philosophical things.  When she was little, I loved being silly with her and coaxing her out of her shell doing any activity.

Why do you think others should mentor? 
Other than it being really fun...I started mentoring about...4 jobs ago when I was in my early 20s, mentoring anchored me at first.  It gave me something to focus on besides myself and something to look forward to every week.  While we've transitioned to video chat, and I have a graduate degree, a family, and live in a different state, that part hasn't changed.  Meeting with my mentee is still something I look foward to every week.

Winter 2021 mentor training dates:
Tuesday, Jan.. 26, 5:30 - 7:00 pm.  - Virtual
Wednesday,  Feb. 10, 11:30 - 1:00 - Virtual


If you are interested in mentoring contact:

Lauren Smith in Champaign

Tom Howley in Urbana



See what a few of our 2020 graduating seniors and their mentors have to say about mentoring. 

Make a Difference 
   Donate to the Scholarhsip Fund

Why not consider donating money to the Mentoring Scholarship Foundation in honor or memory of someone?  Watch the video to the left to see what a difference it can make to mentees attending college.  Contact Lauren Smith smithla@u4sd.org for more information.

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