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  Changing Lives"

Welcome to CU 1-to-1, Champaign/Urbana's school based mentoring program!  Our mission is to positively impact the lives of Champaign-Urbana students by pairing them with adult mentors to provide support, encouragment, and guidance.  Here you will find information about our program, events, how we are effecting positive change in the lives of our communities' children and how YOU can become a mentor and join the ranks of our amazing mentoring community! (Click the mentor button to the right.)




Congratulations to our Graduates!
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Centennial Graduates

Mentee                     Mentor 
Xanylah Craig              Lynn Mikovich
Lauren Cravens              Diane Buller
Emmon'y Davis           Teresa Harvey

Taniece Davis  Jazmine Summerville

Reyanna Dodd             Betsy Alfonso

Jabariona Fowlkes          Karen Rock
Devin Gilbert             Brad Schnizlein
Kendall Henderson        Dean Brown
Elijah Moore Hernandez Justin Craig
Traveon Johnson             David Gray

Rachel Ormsby              Diane Buller
Amareon Parker                 Joe Gallo
Alani Price                  Lynn Mikovich
Josh Taylor                  Wade Franklin


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Central Graduates

Mentee                     Mentor 
Izayah Alexander          Justin Wilfley
Arianna Balgoyen Yolanda O'Connor
Dyamond Bass           Kourtni Turner

                         Dwania Clark-Turner

Nick Costa                   David Sharpe

Franklin Crawford          Nathan Rath
Hailey Hamm            Margaret Mauer
India Huffman            Amanda Baker
Keyon McLaurin            Ron Cochran
Angel Mendoza            Charles Craig
Jaliyah Nesbitt                Kate Flugge

Brianna Ronk              Kathryn Glynn
Terrykah Smith       Margaret Stewart
Ellena Thomas           Leisha Beasley
Heaven Walker            Lynn Mikovich


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Novak Academy

Luca Villasenor         John Gutzmer

Urbana High School Logo.JPG

Urbana Graduates

Mentee                     Mentor 
Britany Alvarado          Karen Shelton
Jose Alvarez                      Jeff Unger
Daijohna Billings          Kristen Young

Arizona Dalton           Dave Charney  Nia Diaz                         Kim Ormsby

Kelis Dunn      Caroline Ewing Helton
Corvaughn Estes            Philip Gable
Marissa Guiles      Courtney Tamimie Harlon Howerton-Sweid
Keenan Arnette
Aaliyah Jackson                Lula Chen

Eli Johnson  Phyllis Winters-Williams
Bailey Kimbrell    Lynnsey Brownfield
Adan MIchel               Michael Bantz  Brooklyn Nesbitt      Arlene Anderson
Allison Perez-Briseno
Deborah Tamimie
Tyonna Pettius                   Mary Blair
Joe Tull                 Steve Schollmeier
Tony Walker           Sharon Dill-Hardy
Jermale Young                   Dan Hoch


2021 Senior Award Winners
Diane Buller_Lauren Cravens_CI_12th.jpg
Jazmine Summerville - Taneice Davis  - G
Phyllis Winters-Williams - Eli Johnson (
MargaretStewart_TerrykahSmith - Vision a

Grit award
Lauren Cravens - C

May 2021 

Each month we will be highlighting a mentor in the Champaign/Urbana school district.  These are the faces of community members who are giving a hour of their time per week to meet, have fun, and make a positive impact on the lives of our children.  We are so grateful for each of them and all they do---join the ranks of some awesome people who dare to "be the change". 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Ghandi




Name: Andre Schleife

Mentor at: Central

Grade of Mentee: 9

Why is she mentor of the month?

Suzanne Loechl, Mentor Coordinator at Central, said that Andre has been diligent about connecting with his 9th grade mentee since the beginning of the 2020 - 2021 school year.  He and his mentee have played chess almost every Monday, with his mentee, who often wins! During COVID Andre has supplied a degree of normalacy for his mentee.

How long have you been mentoring?  2.0 years 

What inspired you to mentor? 
I heard about CU 1-1 on Nextdoor and reached out to the person posting about it.  We had a phone chat and I was really intrigued by the program.

What is your favorite aspect of mentoring?
My mentee and I played a lot of different board games when we met in person and, while I normally don't know many of these games, Leyton has explained them to me and we enjoy them!

Why do you think others should mentor? 
It's an awesome experience and really fun.  Especially during these socially distant times, it's nice to still connect to people.  And when in person, it's awesome to hang out and chat.

Fall 2021 training dates:

September 21, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
October 7, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
October 13, 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.


If you are interested in mentoring contact:

Lauren Smith in Champaign

Tom Howley in Urbana



See what a few of our 2021 graduating seniors and their mentors have to say about mentoring. 

Grit award
Taniece Davis - CI

JFG Award
Eli Johnson - Urbana

Vision Award
Terrykah Smith - Central

Make a Difference 
   Donate to the Scholarhsip Fund

Why not consider donating money to the Mentoring Scholarship Foundation in honor or memory of someone?  Watch the video to the left to see what a difference it can make to mentees attending college.  Contact Lauren Smith smithla@u4sd.org for more information.

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